How Small Businesses use Social Funnels to generate more traffic and leads

Waseem Bashir

Waseem Bashir

May 29, 2018

Social media has changed the way we get along in our lives. Not just personally but the way we buy and make decisions. Social recommendations push prospects further down in the sales funnel pipeline. With this article, we as a Social Media Management Company, will reflect on the lessons we learned on effective strategies and tactics on social media sales funnels.

Digital Marketing Strategy to Generate Leads

In a typical sales funnel visitors learn about the brand via Top of the Funnel content. In the Middle of the Funnel, visitors turn into leads and then prospects. These prospects do analysis and research and then make a decision to buy. Social recommendations cut short the process and the buying journey.

Most of us know this but for a small business how can we harness social media to create awareness?

Before we answer this question, we need to change our mindset on how social funnels work.


What are Social Funnels?


Social funnels help increase awareness and are a perfect medium to share valuable, engaging content. Yes, that’s all they do. As a marketer, you define each stage and create resources which compliment the buying journey.

If the objective is to increase awareness how can we do it?

Let’s look at Twitter. Typically as a small business, no one would know about you or will find you. You will have to take the first step of producing engaging content in order to get people to follow you.  By doing this consistently,  you will attract the right audience and build up your followers. But don’t have the assumption and don’t aim to convert this audience into paying customers at the first touch point.

When people follow you, that’s when you start the engagement. As a first tweet, you can offer a valuable resource for free. No strings attached. I know you must be wondering how to manage this level of interaction manually. Thankfully with some smart automation using online tools, you can send targeted replies to your new followers. We as a Social Media Management Company handle this for all our clients and the utlize the power of marketing automation. One of these automationn tools is Zapier and the illustration below outlines the set-up of a simple marketing automation process.

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy on Zapier


The Free resource


In order to bring this funnel and your digital marketing strategy to life, you will have to create a free resource or special deal which you can introduce to your follower base. At first, it might be a challenge to create this resource The resource should pass the below checklist.

  • First of all be free
  • Be GDPR compliant (add the privacy policy and T&Cs), builds trust and transparency
  • Informative
  • Relevant
  • Worth sharing / recommending
  • Authoritative

Twitter users who click on the link and download the resource for free should hit a thank you page. The thank you page is where you can setup your retargeting via google ads or Facebook to market them at a later stage.

Retargeting is the practice of serving banner ads (image or text) based on prior engagement. e.g. If a visitor visits a product page and doesn’t buy, retargeting allows to target already engaged visitors.

Over a period your audiences will build up, and you can then have a lead magnet in place.

You can serve banner or text ads via AdRoll or Facebook and link it to your lead magnet.

This lead magnet should offer something different, truly valuable and relevant.

The whole concept of creating a lead magnet is to get more info about your followers, e.g. email and phone number which you can, later on, utilize for a follow-up campaign. At the end of this whole funnel, you will aim to convert people into leads.

Once you capture their details via this Gated Content (another term for a lead magnet).

Gated Content are online resources, such as case studies, papers, articles, and videos, that require that users fill out a form before they can access them.

You can set your drip emails.

Drip are a form of email marketing which sends out emails on a schedule or prospects over time.

and offer more relevant and valuable resources over a fixed period. Your email automation should be intelligent enough to filter warm leads over cold ones. Now when you have segmented list of warm leads, you can now pass them onto the sales team and start the sales process.

Now you must be thinking: “Yes this kind of works for Twitter!”


How can I make Social Funnels work for Facebook or LinkedIn in my Digital Marketing Strategy?


In LinkedIn, you can write articles and publish them on the platform. Articles are powerful when writing a post which is longer than 400 words as they stay on LinkedIn’s blogging system. Within the body of these articles, you could then point visitors to your landing page which could have the link to the free resource (not the lead magnet). Visitors who come from LinkedIn visiting the Free Resource Page automatically get added to a custom audience which you can later target using LinkedIn advertising.

The same tactic applies to Facebook. You can write a post on Facebook share it in relevant groups, tag friends who might be interested in the aim of creating a buzz. The more people like/share/comment, the more reach it will get.

Some other networks which are quite powerful include Quora and Reddit. Consider including them into your Digital Marketing Strategy as well. In both, these channels find relevant topics and questions. Share your knowledge on the matter and link to the free resource.

As a bonus to build up more traffic to the free resource. You can add it as a link

  • To your blog, in the sidebar.
  • Email signature
  • Instagram about section.
  • Under resources on your website.
  • Business cards

When linking to the free resource in your Digital Marketing Strategy, use Google’s UTM builder to exactly track in Google analytics which channel works for you. We also use the tool – Funnelytics to map out funnels quickly and with the Pro version view analytics at a very high-level view that really helps to visualize and find holes.


Lessons from a Social Media Management Company – Drawing your own Social Funnel

Digital Marketing Strategy on Social Funnels

When starting out make sure you have something valuable to offer. Above is an example of a Digital Marketing Strategy when coupled with Retargeting can be used to offer unique resources. The goal is to increase appointments for your business using retargeting you can market a Lead Magnet which collects email data. Once you capture the email you can segment the users and add them to your drip email campaign.

Drip emails send out regular emails over a period of time with valuable content. Based on each interaction you can segment visitors who frequently open, click your emails as hot leads.

Using a segmented retargeting list allows you to show banner ads to only hot leads. Using a thank you page you can track exactly which users book appointments so you can remove them from your marketing automation.

Here is an example of resources which you can potentially share:

  • Case Studies
  • Podcasts
  • How-to videos
  • Introductory whitepaper
  • Infographic
  • Templates
  • Guides or Tutorials

We know how overwhelming it can get for small businesses to strategically align their marketing with their overall business goals and to find the right social media management company. We are giving a special Digital Marketing consultation sessions where we sit with you and we can draw your very own social funnel.

To book an appointment, please pick a slot here


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