How To Create Landing Pages That Boost The Success of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Christopher Lier

Christopher Lier

July 31, 2018

How To Create High-Converting Landing Pages and Campaigns


If you want to build online marketing campaigns with the greatest potential for generating leads, then there is no way around landing pages.

A landing page is a site with the purpose of getting the site visitor to take a certain action. This makes landing pages different from websites which are meant for an overall brand representation. Websites are much more generic and contain many different pages, whereas a landing page will be highly bespoke, optimised and targeted for an offer.


Characteristics of High-performing landing pages

When you start strategizing about your landing page campaign, then keep these basics in mind. The human mind is often tempted to develop and design things in a complex, sophisticated way. This however, is the worst you can do when it comes to building high-converting landing pages.

To start with, a landing page should be:

  1. Simplistic
  2. Contain a Clear Value Proposition
  3. Address and reduce customers objections and anxieties


Making a landing page simple and optimised around one core purpose is an absolute necessity to see results. There are many reasons for this. To point out a few: Short attention span of people, increasing use of mobile devices, over-supply of marketing/ promotion on the internet, etc.

The biggest restraint in landing page design is that you are practically limited by the amount of information and words you can provide on the page. Of course, you could build a page that is huge, but then you would probably hardly have any chance of converting people because the site will become too complex. The solution here is to accept that you only have a few seconds and few paragraphs of text to catch the attention and then to convert a page visitor.


The Branding: The Crux is in the Detail

A good landing page design is properly aligned to the branding of the business that is used on the web presence. This brand consistency will demonstrate professionalism will provide the user with clarity. The branding involves usually a logo on top of the page and needs to be based on the right colour scheme of the brand. It is not a must to use the same font as the brand on the website, however it can help in many cases. What is necessary however, is to have font consistency within the page. More than 2 different fonts can dilute the brand on the landing page.

The Call-to-Action button should be distinctive and contain a clear message. A text such as “Download”, “Buy” or “Find out” are far too generic. Better language terms will be “Download Your Free Guide”, “Buy the Toolkit Now” and Calculate my Savings”.


Tools & Technical Set-up for Professional Landing Page Design

When you build a landing page, you should plan the design and branding thoroughly before implementing it on the web. A Professional Landing Page Designer will usually use tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to come up with the design template. Once the design is clear, then you will have to develop the actual web page. For this purpose, you can use a landing page builder like Unbounce which is a leading web application for landing page development.

When you design and develop pages, make sure that you build two unique versions: One web version and one mobile version. A professional landing page builder like Unbounce supports this functionality. These days, it should be obvious that mobile traffic is essential and possibly even more important, but you can still find many unoptimized mobile sites online. Therefore, make it a rule to always develop two separate templates.


Marketing Psychology: Providing stories and reasons to persuade

At the bottom line, a landing page is usually built to get people to convert.

Converting can mean a lot of things, such as an opt-in to an email list (Squeeze page), to enter the next step in the sales funnel (Click-Through-Page), to provide personal information (Lead Capture page), to enter a webinar (Webinar Landing Page) or to make a purchase (Sales Page). The essence is that it is your job to build your page based around that goal.

This will involve that you need to address the visitor’s emotions. People are usually more influenced by the emotional level over the rational level before they make a decision. Therefore you can use testimonials and reviews on the landing page to showcase the success stories of other people that used your product or service. Furthermore, a “logo parade”, a line-up of logos of companies you work with, partners or certifications, help enormously in landing page design. This showcases third-party proof for your brand. Video testimonials of customers can be powerful to deliver messages and stories effectively.

On the rational level, you can influence your customer by providing numbers and facts of the benefits of the offers. Furthermore, in certain industries it might be useful to show ethical principals and values your company stands for.

As mentioned in the beginning, all these little things will help to address and reduce customer’s objections and anxieties.



As you can see, you simply cannot afford to take a landing page campaign only half-serious. The first impression, the information provided on the page and the design all must be built with the customer in mind. A landing page might look simple at the end of the day, but exactly that makes it effective. Simple and clear design combined with high-converting language and information is an art to master. Get in touch to us to get your high-performing landing page designed to supercharge your conversions.


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