Monetization & Sales Cycle

Monetization & Sales Cycle

We work with businesses on optimizing conversion rates from free to paying users to increase revenue. We have tried and tested a number of lead generation/ conversion strategies that drive better sales and work with market-leading technology tools, like lead capture software. Our preferred way of growing SaaS sales is via inbound marketing, e.g. through Search-Engine-Optimization, but we also have proven solutions for Outbound processes. Not only do we focus on pure online-driven sales, but also on developing sales processes with follow-up strategies like email marketing and retargeting to convert more business.

Monetization & Sales Cycle

Smart Digital Marketing Automation

  • Intelligent and personalized @mentions to your followers
  • Getting your brand across and establish brand-awareness
  • Linking your profile to your web presence and generate traffic

Follower Assistance

  • With the Leadcube Concierge Follower Assistance we provide manual Follower growth management to build up your fanbase.
  • We hand-follow other accounts on social platforms like Twitter and Instagram to help you grow your profile and save a lot of time!
  • Exclusive organic follower assistance for consistent growth, fully compliant with Twitter and Instagram guidelines.
Monetization & Sales Cycle
Monetization & Sales Cycle

Traffic Generation With Digital Marketing Automation

  • Ultimately, Digital Marketing Automation will help you to build traffic to your web presence
  • We will link your Social Media profiles to custom landing pages to maximise the effect.
  • Let us build landing pages & forms for you and also get access to build them yourself.

Reporting & Analytics


  • Relax and watch: The Report provides you with a clear overview of your Social Media performance.
  • Alongside, the analytics dashboard gives you access to check your progress straight away.
  • Monitor your Key Performance Indicators consistently to check your return on investment
Monetization & Sales Cycle