Elevating Careers In The Acting and Film Industry With A Tailored Twitter-Marketing Campaign


Christopher Lier

May 13, 2018

Leadcube Partners With London’s Most Talented Personal Brands And Creatives For Social Media Campaign Management


It is last week of December 2017, just before the start of the new year.

A good contact of me, Alana Hurd, who runs a network of bringing entrepreneurs and creatives together, was kind enough to start a special collaboration for actors to work with Leadcube on their social media campaign.  I have known Alana for a while. She is a great networker. She has got me in contact with many amazing people, including business owners and entrepreneurs.

I saw the potential to work with her network in social media campaign management, mainly the actors and filmmakers for which attention and publicity is key to sustain in business. Even with a good online presence in place, it is a hard industry to be active in. Surprisingly, the reality is that many people in the industry do not have a professional social media campaign or even a social media presence. Oftentimes, talented and creative people are not taking enough care of the business side of things.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are gifts for anyone in a creative industry to become discovered and to showcase their talent with a social media campaign. Social media allows free promotion at any time, so why not use it? For people with a decent social media campaign management or social media presence in place, it is often hard to get seen in all the noise online. If you are a small brand or business and you are not dedicated to the online presence, you will get lost in the shuffle.


Creatives Need Marketing And Business Support To Sustain and Thrive In Their Industry


So, the question now becomes how to make a difference and how to boost your profile to present your talent. The first problem is that social media requires time and attention. Even more so, consistency is indispensable and separate the average from the winners. The second problem arises when creatives don’t have a strategy in place to start social media campaign management. In principle, you don’t need much to start. What you need is an underlying base and clarity on the product, service or talent to promote. Then you can take the first steps to start create content to make people aware of what you do.

Long story short: Leadcube has been offering filmmakers the opportunity to discover and strategize their social media campaign management for promoting their personal brand online. I have been providing 1-hour strategy sessions to many UK-based actors and creatives, many of which turned out to become clients for Leadcube.

The aim of this session was to make the actors aware of social media marketing techniques. Some of them included things that we as digital marketers often take for granted, but exactly these things can provide huge value when introducing them to people who are new to the game.

I have spent many hours on Skype calls and in conversations and more and more realized that there is an untapped opportunity for creatives in social media. Leadcube has been working with Raymond Bethley, an actor based in London. Raymond was one of the first clients we have worked with and he acknowledged that he knows about the value of social media but struggles to keep on top of it and use it on a consistent basis. Early January we started working with him and defined the goals of the social media campaign management.


Social Media Campaign strategy discussion

Raymond Bethley On The Social Media Campaign Strategy Call


For all people we worked with, we always emphasized on Twitter as the preferred social media channel for actors due to the open nature of the platform and the ability to build an  own brand with followers. While Facebook is great in many aspects of marketing, it is not ideal for creating a tribe and building a fanbase. In a nutshell, Twitter and Instagram are great fits for creative people and combined with video marketing on YouTube allow using the potential of the social media campaign management in the best way.

Raymond’s Twitter marketing comprised of follower growth management, branding and content marketing assistance. The main goal was building up his follower base to expand his reach and influence. Growing followers organically is possible by having consistent content posts, engagement as well as simple targeting strategies. Promoted Twitter content can be another way to increase reach, which requires extra ad budget.


Building A Fan Base With The Right Strategy


After just 4 weeks, followers have grown from 493 to 1344 (organic increase of 851 followers). It was a very good result, considering the fact that we just started the first month and we didn’t use spend on ads. Raymond has been very cooperative. Through regular content posting, his accounts achieved 80 mentions in that short timeframe (Another Twitter account tagging the profile). All other metrics of the social media campaign management looked great e.g. 34,000 tweet impressions.

Raymond has tripled his fan base with simple steps that don’t require magic; it just needs the right strategy and commitment. The growth which Raymond has achieved helped build up his personal brand and opened doors for new projects and jobs for films.


Achieving Growth For A Branded Blog Profile


Leadcube has also been working with Angela Peters, an actor and voice-over artist from London. Angela has been featured in award-winning films screened at the Dubai International Film Festival or the Queens International Film Festival. Her voiceover credits involve work with the BBC and commercials for Singapore Airlines.

Angela is a very busy woman and we were delighted to have had the chance to work closely with her. I started with Angela on a Social Media Campaign Call and we discussed possible ways of improving her digital marketing presence. She was very informed about social media marketing which proves her professionalism and dedication to her work. We agreed on a campaign which involved the organic growth of her acting blog, starting from the Twitter profile.


Angela talking about her successful Social Media Campaign

Angela on Set, Source: www.angelapeters.tv


In a similar way as Raymond, we were able to find a practical way of building her audience. Furthermore, we rebranded the profile and gave the blog a uniquely branded touch. It influenced the positive outcome of the campaign enormously.

Normally, Twitter works significantly better for personal profiles rather than brands. However, we can confidently say that this strategy has worked out and we built up her follower base significantly, almost as good as Raymond. Now, you might think that it is not just about social media numbers and yes, you are absolutely right. Social media is a means of communication that can be used in many different marketing ways. At the end of the day, you need to build a bridge between the social platform and landing pages or websites to monetize the social media marketing channels effectively. It is not enough to see the social platform as an isolated platform on its own.

That being said, numbers still matter a lot. Especially for personal brands, celebrities and the acting and film industry follower size means prestige. With a strong personal brand comes attention and influence which then results in opportunities and job offers.

We enjoy working with many talented people and creatives. We love to see the positive impact social media campaign management can have to elevate their careers. Artists who are unknown online are likely to get lost with the thousands of different digital marketing opportunities available. Our aim is to make Social-Media Marketing Stress-Free and to make a difference in building up brands online.

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