Why you should link Landing pages with your Social Accounts?

Waseem Bashir

Waseem Bashir

June 30, 2018

What are Landing Pages:

Landing pages are web pages with a simple objective which can be tracked/measured. This single focus makes landing pages quite powerful.

To explain this in a simple way, take an example of a typical homepage of a website. The homepage is more or less a landing area where users pick their path. e.g. a homepage usually has links to contact us page, FAQ page, about us, services etc. The possibilities for the visitors to browse on a fixed path is not deterministic. When we send the same traffic to a landing page which has only 1 action and no links, there can be only two possibilities, either the user can leave or take an action. This action could be:

  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Sign up to download an ebook/discount coupon, whitepaper etc.
  • Click-through to another page
  • Book appointment or request consultation.

When executed properly, landing page design can drive more conversions when compared to normal web-pages.


Traffic From Landing Pages

Ideally traffic for Landing pages usually originate from PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns. This traffic being highly, targeted and segmented allows us to use relevant info, copy on the page to speak directly to the audience. However, usually PPC traffic is expensive so the pressure of converting every visitor to a lead is always on.


Convert Social Traffic to Leads

Now when we look at Social Media and some of the channels, we notice most brands / companies make the mistake of linking their social handles directly to their main website. After conducting tests when building over 300 landing pages,  we are certain by linking to specific landing pages via twitter, facebook, instagram businesses and individuals can increase conversions from social traffic which is usually free.


Twitter Landing Page

Lets take twitter as an example:

Twitter allows you to put links via:


Profile Section

A simple technique is to link your profile URL to a specific landing page only for twitter traffic. Depending on what you want to share with your followers on twitter, you can offer free consultations, sign-up users to a free course etc.


Pinned Tweet

This is the first tweet twitter users can see when they check your profile. Make sure to have your best offer as a lead magnet here.


Regular Tweets

As part of your regular tweets, schedule tweets which link to high quality lead magnets. These tweets are sprinkled around with other value tweets giving your followers a chance to download a free resource in exchange for their emails.


@ Mentions

Do you offer value to your new followers on Twitter? This technique is one of most underutilised tactics. With the right messaging you can drive your new followers to your landing pages.



Instagram Landing Page Design

As Instagram doesn’t support linking posts to URLs, there is one possibility to link the about profile to a landing page or a landing area.

Here Chris, Co-Founder of Leadcube, has linked his profile via Bit.ly (URL shortener) to Linktree https://linktr.ee/chrislier.


Linktree has a list of actionable buttons which link to landing pages/ other social channels/ calendar etc.


Similar to linktree, ContactInBio also allows users to create micro-landing pages which includes configurable blocks. These blocks could embed a video, contact form, link etc.


LinkedIn Landing Page Design

LinkedIn allows users to add URLs to their profiles. With the new update, you can add multiple links.

In the below example, I have added a free consultation as one of the links.


These links appear under the contact info section. You can test various links and come up with clever ways to generate traffic to your landing pages.


According to Neil Patel, “You can link to a landing page, a product page, or a social profile. You can link to any page as long as it helps the user move through the funnel”.

The same logic could be applied to your Facebook profiles/ Facebook Pages / Groups etc. I hope this post has helped you to understand that social profiles could become lead magnets if you are using it in the right way.

Leave your comment below and we will address your question on social media sales funnels and landing page design.


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